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Based on Noel's Favrlier book "Desert Dawn" 

Written & preformed by Amir Peter

First prize "Theatroneto Festival" 2019.

The israeli official festival for Theatre monodramas.


"In a war you always lose something ,

                                    sometimes it's just life itself."

The year is 1956. Paris, the city of lights, still recovers from the second world war. The drums war seems to be far away, while Noel, a young painter , lives in Montmartre , he paints on the Seine , and falls in love.

Noel reserves as a paratrooper , and like many of his age he has been sent to fight against the rebels of Algeria, far away at the Sa'ara desert.

He isn't a pacifist, neither a communist - but at war - away from his homeland, he will confront with moral dilemmas , that will face him

with the question of - To be or not to be.


This is the story about someone who agreed to lose everything in order to save his conscience.


Jaffa Theatre

Haifa Theatre

Jerusalem Theatre